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Individual Health Insurance

If you are not covered by an employer sponsored health insurance plan, what are your options for individual health coverage? The individual direct market in New York State is limited and can be cost prohibitive to many. There are several plans available through New York State which you may qualify for:

  • Medicaid
  • HealthyNY
  • Family Health Plus

Benefit information, cost and income guidelines can be found at the Department of Financial Services website.


If you income exceeds the allowed amount for these above plans, where can you go for individual health insurance especially if you have a pre-existing condition?


If you have been insured and have a pre-existing condition, the NY Bridge Plan may be the answer you have been looking for.

New York Bridge Plan

Are you an uninsured individual looking for affordable health insurance and have a pre-existing condition?


When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was passed, coverage for uninsured individuals with a pre-existing condition became available.


For New York State, that plan is the NY Bridge plan, administered by GHI, an EmblemHealth Company. As a broker of EmblemHealth, below please find a link to the brochure that details the NY Bridge Plan.


NY Bridge Plan Brochure 


If you feel you qualify or have questions about the plan, please contact our office TODAY to learn if you are eligible for coverage.

  • Be a legal US resident
  • Be a resident of New York State
  • Have one or more pre-existing medical condition(s) listed in the NY Bridge Plan brochure, and
  • Not have had health care coverage for the last six months


Please see brochure for more details.